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Carreau Design - A History of Excellence

At Carreau Design, we are committed to developing projects that add real value by enhancing people's lives and improving neighborhoods. We believe in the value of introducing modern advantages to comforts of yesterday in an effort to construct properties that will survive time. While each project remains unique, our dedication and commitment to quality remains constant. Our expanding opportunities have allowed us to develop projects of high quality at efficient prices. And, as developers we are always mindful of our dual responsibilities to our direct clients, investors, and to the neighborhoods in which we work.

As we have expanded over the years we continue to address each project with the belief that the quality of one's surroundings will directly benefit a person's quality of life. Carreau Design has evolved from a design back ground to assembling the dream team for each of its unique projects to, own, design, develop, and build.  Our residential and commercial projects respect the traditions of the past and integrate the efficiencies of innovation within our community.

Our firm’s scope of work ranges from multi-block neighborhood redevelopment projects to the individual rescue and rehabilitation of a century-old residence.  We have established a reputation for creative redevelopment with a considerate use of materials, remaining sensitive to the original character of neighborhoods and surrounding structures.

In 1985 we began as a small firm, specializing in full service custom tile, and natural stone design and installation. The company began designing kitchens and bathrooms, specializing in shower installations with exotic products from around the world. We showcased our product in the very design studio we work from today in Broad Ripple.  Carreau Design was the designer, project manager, and the contractor, handling all aspects from concept to reality.

In 1993 we expanded to offer an array of new construction, renovation and remodeling services. The company prides itself on the ability to combine Old World design with modern amenities. The business had completed projects in Zionsville, Meridian-Kessler, Geist, historic downtown, and private vacation homes throughout central Indiana.

In 2001 Carreau Design Corporation finalized the acquisition and platting of what is destined to be one of Indianapolis’ premier urban brownstone properties. The Waldorf is located in downtown Indianapolis Historic Chatham Arch community near Massachusetts Avenue, on the corner of Park and Walnut streets. The Waldorf project is upscale living at its finest. The finished homes are visually stunning and blend well into the community and its historic charm. This project was a defining moment in our company’s direction, and what has led us to where we are today with The Uptown, reconnecting to Downtown.

In 2006 we began work on reconnecting The Historic Uptown district back to downtown Indianapolis, by acquiring and restoring a circa 1900 building on the S.W. Corner of 49th and College. To help reignite the center of Meridian Kessler (our most prestigious Historic Neighborhood in Indianapolis and the most densely populated location in Indiana) we rebuilt The Uptown Business Center - UTBC.

Presently our corporation’s main focus and resources have gone to creating another impact opportunity across the street from the UTBC. As we continue to redevelop the corridor and the center of the community we have assembled a strategic block:  9 lots and 7 owners from 49th to 50th on College.  Partnering with our City and State and to restabilize this worst block, we will be creating a model of community redevelopment success.    We have worked hard to create and earn the public private partnership by creating the best-designed mixed-use model to fit within the inherent midtown land use obstacles.

Working with our Civic Leaders to revive one of our neighborhood corridors, we will get closer to reconnecting to our historic downtown, resetting the foundation for our historic communities to re-bloom.

As we complete The Uptown, we will continue to look for areas that will benefit from similar projects Smart Growth Practice. Carreau Design will always remember its past as it postures for the future. Our passion for excellence drives our desire to provide quality upscale product which seamlessly fits into the community environment elevating its standard of living and enhancing its civic pride.

Carreau Design
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